Our Vision

Leapfrogging the Grid


Founded in 2016, Samawat Energy is a renewable energy company that provides affordable solar home systems for off-grid residential areas, small business, and communities across the African continent.

Bred in the Silicon Savannah, Samawat Energy utilizes the most innovative technologies and the latest techniques to ensure that our customers needs are met tenfold. With a strong focus on capacity building and financial inclusion, we aim to empower the region.  Our unique approach is geared towards leapfrogging Africa’s energy grid, ending the rural-urban energy fault line, and creating more dynamic economies and inclusive societies.


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Jasmine O. Samantar
Founder, CEO

After two decades of conflict and a lack of a functional central government, the energy sector has reemerged in Somalia. However, the cost of energy per kilowatt hour in the Horn of Africa nation is five times more expensive than in neighboring Kenya and ten times higher than in the United States.  Due to the exorbitant cost of electricity, both the urban and rural areas boast low levels of electrification. 

Samawat Energy aims to act as a solution to this issue by providing solar home kits, alongside an honest price, to households, small businesses, budding entrepreneurs, and repatriated persons. Follow us as we revamp the energy sector in Somalia.