Samawat Energy is a female-founded renewable energy company. We provide affordable, off-grid, solar home solutions to residents in Somalia through the use of a micro-leasing, rent-to-own system. 


gender-energy nexus: empowering & powering women And girls

The discourse around gender and energy often focuses on women as under-served end-users. Samawat Energy sees women as vital actors within the energy sector at large. We are not only focused on electrifying communities, but empowering women within those communities to be more efficient in their household duties, make further gains in education, enter the workforce, and start businesses. Not only will this provide opportunities for those often disenfranchised, but it will also help accelerate economic growth in Somalia.


Capacity Building, Job Creation, and Poverty Alleviation

With the emergence of low-cost, renewable energy technologies comes a high demand for and short supply of the relevant specialist knowledge and skills. To combat this dilemma, Samawat Energy uses a knowledge transfer approach to train youth and women through workshops focused on capacity building. Following successful completion of our free workshops, we, subsequently, employ and utilize women and youth in the solar value chain itself. This contributes to poverty alleviation and job creation in Somalia.


ending the rural-urban Education divide with solar power

80% of primary schools in Africa are not electrified. The vast majority are predominantly located in rural, off-grid communities. Samawat Energy works with schools across Somalia to provide modern energy to their classrooms - allowing students to study at night and women to take evening classes. It has been proven that lighting schools contributes to higher test scores, increased enrollment, decreased school dropout rates, improved teacher performance and morale, and greater feelings of safety.